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The Design Consultation (at residential gallery in Scottsdale)

The complimentary consultation is the time to view my work and determine whether you would like to commission me to be your photographer. You will view samples in the gallery, see the product line, discuss ideas for clothing, location, and portrait style and talk about any other details or needs you may have. You may even discover other options and possibilities that you may not have even considered! A personal consultation in the studio is highly recommended; but, should you be pressed for time, there is always the option to conduct a consultation by phone. When you decide to schedule a session, the creation fee is due at that time.

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The very best effort is always put forth to keep portrait sessions relaxed and comfortable. The feedback is always positive, no matter how camera shy people tend to be. And that’s the goal…to create an atmosphere of trust where you are at ease resulting in natural, pleasing expressions and exceptional images.

Usually, sessions take place on location within the Phoenix/Scottsdale and surrounding metro area.  Consideration is given to locations beyond the metro area.  The location is dependent on the look and feel you are trying to achieve.

Generally plan for about one hour and up to two hours or more for babies or large extended families

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Viewing and Ordering

Your portraits will be ready within about a week, at which time you and any others making purchasing decisions will come to the studio for a multi-media projection. If necessary, your images can be posted online for reviewing. It is kindly requested that an order be placed within one week of seeing your images. Once the order is placed, the average turn-around time is between two to eight weeks, all depending on the work to be done and whether framing or specialty products need to be ordered.

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Product line and services

  • Finishes include: Standard photographic prints, traditional canvas, watercolor, giclee gallery wraps (standard retouching is included on most finishes)
  • B&W, sepia tone, custom tint
  • Image sizes: 40”x60” wall portraits down to 2”x3” wallet size
  • Cards: Announcements, invitations, thank you cards, save the date cards, holiday greeting cards, modeling comp cards
  • Photo restorations
  • Gift certificates
  • Custom frames for individual portraits, framed multi-opening story board, expressions collages
  • Custom albums, image boxes

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Why hire a professional photographer?

Since modern technology has simplified taking pictures, why not get a friend or relative to snap some photos? Well, when you hire a pro, you’re not just hiring a person with a more expensive camera than Aunt Sally, you’re hiring someone who has experience, knowledge and technical skills that include lighting and posing and he/she knows how to make you look your best using an artistic eye with the ability to put the subject at ease. If these reasons are not important to you, then you may be better off with Aunt Sally.

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What does the creation fee cover?

The creation fee covers a photographer’s creative expertise, time and talent (including post-production work in preparing your images for viewing) and expenses incurred in creating the images. This fee does not apply toward your order. Creation fees range in price from $150 to upwards of $300 depending on the type of session.

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What should be worn for the photography session?

Clothing will directly affect the artistic success of any portrait. Your choice of clothing will depend on the style of the portrait. Will it be formal, informal, fun, whimsical, urban, country…get the idea? A classic portrait draws attention to the faces in a photograph and not the clothing…unless it’s important for the clothing to be a focal point. Bold colors, loud or busy designs tend to detract from the image, so solids are recommended. In a group portrait, coordinate the colors so that they are in keeping within the same tonal range and no one outfit tends to compete or stand out from the others. Matching outfits to the point where it may look like a uniform is not what we’re after. Timeless styles and simplicity is generally the key. Give consideration on shoes and socks, keeping in mind that if white socks are worn, it will draw unwanted attention in a portrait.

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Do you offer packages?

Collections (packages) are available and are a far better investment financially than purchasing images a-la-carte. Buying a collection allows you to add on more images in addition to the package at a fraction of a-la-carte costs.

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What do the packages cost and what is an average investment?

High school senior packages, for instances start at $120 and go up to $650 while family portrait packages start at $450. High school senior packages are flexible and customizable so that your personal needs can be met.

The average client can invest in the range of $300 to $2,000, but of course it’s all dependant on the product(s) purchased. Please call for specific pricing. Every attempt is made to accommodate all budgets.

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Are credit cards accepted?

Payments can be made in cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.

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Do the images include frames?

With a large selection to choose from, some products are offered with frames and some require framing be purchased separately. Framed wall portraits are personally delivered and displayed for you.

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Who owns the rights to the images?

According to the U.S. Copyright Law, the photographer owns the copyright and digital files on all images shot. The only way to use or reproduce an image is to get written permission from the creator. This is the same copyright law that protects all artists and people who create, ie, musicians, authors and the like.

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Can I buy the digital files?

Once you have satisfied the minimum order commitment, we are happy to provide a low resolution file of what you’ve ordered (5×7’s or larger) that is suitable for web posting. Full resolution files are available on a sliding scale based on the number of images you’d like (minimum order commitment still applies).

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